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  • What type of clothing should I wear during the session?
    Comfortable clothing is ideal to allow free movement. Tight or athletic clothing that does not restrict your movements is recommended.
  • What security measures do you take into account during the sessions?
    We prioritize safety at all times and agree on clear boundaries before starting the session. Additionally, I am trained to recognize signs of discomfort and stop the activity if necessary.
  • What is the typical length of an erotic wrestling session with me?
    Sessions typically last between 30 minutes and 1 hour, but we can adjust the time based on your preferences.
  • Is there any level of experience required to participate in an erotic wrestling session with me?
    No previous experience required. I am here to guide and provide an enjoyable and safe experience for all participants, regardless of their skill level.
  • How are boundaries and preferences managed during the session?
    Before we begin, we discuss your limits and preferences in detail to ensure a comfortable and satisfying experience for you. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, you can always let me know and we will adjust the activity accordingly.
  • What type of movements and techniques are used during erotic fighting?
    We use a variety of smooth and sensual movements, as well as dominance and submission techniques to create an exciting and stimulating experience for both participants.
  • How can I prepare myself physically and mentally for an erotic wrestling session with me?
    Staying physically active and mentally focused can be helpful. Additionally, being open to exploring new levels of intimacy and pleasure can enhance your experience during the session.
  • What kind of atmosphere can I expect during the session?
    I create a welcoming and safe environment where you feel comfortable to explore your deepest fantasies and desires. Open communication and mutual respect are essential in all my sessions.
  • Do you offer personalized sessions based on my specific fantasies and desires?
    Yes, I am happy to tailor the session according to your individual fantasies and desires. Simply tell me your preferences and I will work with you to create an experience that fits your needs.
  • How can I schedule an erotic wrestling session with me?
    You can schedule a session by sending me an email or formular contact. I will be happy to discuss the details and make any necessary arrangements for our session.
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