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Erotic Wrestling: Exploring the Fusion of Passion and Competition

I will defeat and humiliate you; then I will tell you what to do and you will just say: yes ma'am

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What is Erotic Wrestling?

For many, it is a form of erotic expression that combines the thrill of wrestling with the sensuality of physical contact. It is an art that awakens fantasies and deep emotions, and for those who immerse themselves in this world, it is a unique and exhilarating experience.

From my perspective, Erotic Wrestling is much more than just a physical activity. It is a dance of power and desire, where body-to-body contact becomes a language of its own, charged with tension and excitement. At its core, it is about exploring the connection between strength and sensuality, taking role play and fantasies to a whole new level.

Why do men like it so much? The answer may vary with each individual, but in general, Erotic Wrestling offers an irresistible combination of adrenaline and eroticism. For many men, the idea of facing a woman in an erotic wrestling match awakens fantasies of submission and domination, allowing them to explore their deepest desires in a safe, consensual environment.

A Fantasy Session:

Imagine entering an intimate space, where sexual tension is palpable from the very first moment. I, your challenging rival, watch you with a mischievous gaze, anticipating the exciting encounter to come. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation and desire as we prepare for the confrontation.

With every move, we can feel the electricity between us, fueling our passion and desire. The fight becomes a game of seduction, where every touch and every move brings us closer to ecstasy. In the end, whether you win or lose, we both know we have experienced something truly unforgettable.

A Semi-Competitive Session:

In a semi-competitive session, the intensity ramps up as we immerse ourselves in a battle of strength and skill. As we face each other on the mat, competitiveness mixes with sensuality, creating a unique and exciting experience.

Each move is calculated and precise as we struggle to dominate the other. The tension builds with every grip and every key, fueling our passion and excitement. As the session comes to an end, we are exhausted but satisfied, knowing that we have explored our physical and emotional limits in a thrilling and exhilarating way.

In short, Erotic Wrestling is much more than just wrestling; it is a sensual and exciting experience that awakens deep fantasies and emotions. For those who venture into this world, they will discover a universe of passion and desire that will leave them yearning for more.

Regulations, Terms and Conditions for a Wrestling Session

1 hour min -  2 hours max.
Beginners: 4 rounds of 10 min + 5 min of intermediate rest, total 20 minutes of rest.
Intermediate: 2 rounds of 25 min + 10 min intermediate rest.
Advanced: 60 min of pure resistance

Safety and consent in mixed wrestling

As with all BDSM practices, safety and consent are essential and boundaries must be agreed upon in advance. There can be no doubts on what is permissible. Indeed, your first step is to establish a safeword.

Also, ensure that you've agreed on a non-vocal symbol if the pain becomes too intense for the sub. For example, in FemDom wrestling, the sub can 'tap out' if he can't tolerate the pain. And then, of course, his magnificent mistress has the ultimate satisfaction of knowing that her dominion is complete!



  • Explicit consent: All activities will be conducted with the explicit consent of both parties involved.

  • Open communication: Open and clear communication is encouraged before, during and after the session to ensure the comfort and safety of all participants.

  • Established boundaries: The personal boundaries and individual preferences of each participant will be respected. Any requests for additional boundaries will be honored without question.

  • Safety in Practice: Safe techniques will be practiced and movements that may cause injury or unnecessary discomfort will be avoided.

  • Safe Environment: A safe and private environment will be provided for the session, where participants can feel comfortable and free from judgment.


General Prohibitions

  • Non-consensual conduct: Any form of non-consensual activity, including verbal or physical harassment, is strictly prohibited.

  • Violence or aggression: Any form of physical violence or aggression during the session is expressly prohibited.

  • Drugs and alcohol: The use of drugs or alcohol before or during the session is strictly prohibited, as it may compromise the safety and consent of participants.

  • Illegal Material: Possession or distribution of illegal material, including material of a sexual nature without consent, is prohibited at all times.

  • Discrimination: Any form of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or other personal characteristics is prohibited.

  • Pulling hair, ears, pinching, biting, twisting fingers and toes, etc. and in kicking, headbutting, strangling, pushing, performing techniques that endanger the life of the person.

  • Opponent or causing fracture or dislocation of limbs, stepping on the opponent's feet or touching his face between the eyebrows and the line of the mouth.

  • Drive the elbow or knee into the opponent's belly or stomach, practice any twisting with the intention to cause suffering, or to hold the opponent by the fighting suit.

  • Clinging or clinging to the mattress.

  • Grabbing the sole of the opponent's foot (it is only allowed to grab the instep of the foot or the heel).

  • Agree on the result of the fight between 2 fighters.

  • In general, commit any action, gesture or technique that has the objective of torturing the opponent or making him suffer to force him to abandon.

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