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Entrepreneur - Athlete

A passionate athlete who has dedicated her entire life to the world of sports. My journey includes being an outstanding powerlifting competitor. From an early age, sport became my lifestyle, and today, it represents the essence of my well-being.

My commitment to healthy living is non-negotiable. I pride myself on maintaining a balanced diet that enhances my workouts and optimizes my performance. Health is my greatest treasure, which is why I have decided to say no to alcohol, drugs and smoking, allowing me to reach my maximum athletic potential.

My days are structured around training, with five weekly sessions that challenge my limits and elevate my abilities. Without a doubt, leg days are my favorite, where strength, speed and endurance merge to create exceptional performance.

Through my dedication to the sport, I have discovered not only physical power, but also mental toughness and discipline. My life is a testament that with consistent effort and a focused mindset, we can overcome any obstacle and reach our goals. Join me on this exciting journey to athletic excellence and a healthy lifestyle! 💪🏉🏋️‍♀️

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