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Session Lift and Carry

As a high performance athlete and lift and carry enthusiast, I am excited to share with you my experience performing lift and carry sessions with men up to 100 kg. Safety and technique are critical to ensure a satisfying and injury-free experience, especially considering my competitive background and commitment to performance excellence.

When preparing for a lift and carry session, the first thing I do is carefully assess technique and safety. It is important to make sure that I am in optimal physical condition and that my muscles are warm and ready for the activity. I also make sure that the environment is safe and that there is a suitable surface to perform the lifts.

Once everything is ready, I begin to explore different forms of lifting, adapting to my partner's preferences and needs. This can include classic lifts such as the piggyback, cradle carry, fireman's carry, and overhead press, among others.

During the session, I focus on maintaining solid technique and communicating clearly with my partner to make sure they feel comfortable and safe at all times. I use my strength and athletic ability to lift and carry my partner with confidence and precision, always maintaining a focus on the safety and well-being of both.

Continuing with the lifts, it is important to note that each type of lift offers a unique experience for both myself and my partner. Let me delve a little deeper into some of the different forms of lifting that are often part of my lift and carry sessions:

Piggyback: This classic lift involves my partner riding on my back, with his legs wrapping around my waist as I lean forward to support him. It's a lift that requires balance and stability, but also offers a sense of intimacy and closeness as we move together.

Cradle Carry: In this lift, I hold my partner in my arms, with his back resting on one of my arms and his legs on the other. It is a comfortable and cozy position for my partner, who can relax and enjoy the ride while I hold him securely.

Fireman's Carry: This lift is more athletic and dynamic, as it involves carrying my partner on one of my shoulders, with his torso resting on my shoulder and his weight evenly distributed. It's a lift that requires strength and stability, but also offers a sense of mastery and control as I move with my partner on my shoulders.

Overhead Press: This lift is an impressive demonstration of strength and skill, as it involves lifting my partner over my head with my arms extended. It is a challenging lift that requires concentration and control, but also offers a sense of power and dominance as I hold my partner over me.

Each type of lift offers a unique and exciting experience, and I love experimenting with different combinations and variations during my lift and carry sessions. With each lift, I strive to provide a safe, exciting and satisfying experience for my partner and I. Thank you for joining me on this exciting lift and carry adventure!

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