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Session Erotict Wrestling

Experiencing the Power and Passion of Erotic Wrestling

Welcome to a session of semi-competitive Erotic Wrestling like you've never experienced before! I'm your favorite wrestling escort, ready to immerse us in passionate, thrill-filled combat for an hour full of adrenaline and pleasure.

First, let me set some ground rules for our session. During each of the two 20-minute fight rounds, we will both be free to use our skills and strength to dominate the other. However, it is important to remember that safety is our number one priority. We are not competing for an Olympic title here, but rather enjoying a sensual and erotic experience. Therefore, we will avoid extreme movements that could lead to injury and focus on exploring our bodies in a passionate and safe manner.

Now, let's talk a little about the mood of the male client. I can sense his excitement and anticipation as we prepare for combat. He feels powerful and eager to challenge me, but he is also aware of my own strength and determination. He is a strong man, but he knows he is in good hands with me, an equally powerful and confident fighter.

Our session will take place on a hard surface to ensure stability and avoid injury. While the bed might be comfortable, the best choice for our fight is a solid surface that allows us to move easily and safely.

As we immerse ourselves in the struggle, passion and sexual tension grow with each movement. We face each other body to body, each seeking to dominate the other in a game of strength and seduction. Moments of intense struggle intertwine with moments of intimacy and closeness, creating an all-consuming erotic experience.

As we approach the end of the session, the energy reaches its peak. We surrender completely to pleasure and arousal, allowing the accumulated tension to be released in an explosive climax. And so, exhausted but completely satisfied, we fall surrendered, embraced in a mixture of ecstasy and satisfaction.

In conclusion, a semi-competitive Erotic Wrestling session is a unique and exciting experience that combines passion, strength and pleasure in a perfect blend. It is an opportunity to explore our bodies and deepest desires in a safe and stimulating environment. Thank you for joining me in this sensual and erotic adventure!

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