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Breath Play

What is Breath Play?

Breath Play, or breath play, is a sexual practice that involves restricting a person's breathing to intensify sexual arousal. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including erotic choking, gentle strangulation, or restricting air with the hands or an object.

Safe Ways to Engage in Breath Play:

Clear Communication and Consent:

Before engaging in Breath Play, it is crucial to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. Set clear boundaries, discuss preferences, and agree on a safe word.

Anatomical Knowledge:

Understanding the anatomy and risks associated with breathing restriction is critical. Never press on the trachea or obstruct the airway in a dangerous manner.

Safe Strangulation Techniques:

If you decide to explore gentle strangulation, be sure to place your hands safely around your partner's neck, avoiding applying direct pressure on the trachea. Always leave room for the person to breathe.

Safe Alternatives to Choking:

Breathing Control:

Instead of completely restricting breathing, you can experiment with controlling the rate and depth of your partner's breathing. This can be accomplished through synchronized breathing techniques or by using your hands to gently cover the mouth and nose.

Sensory Play:

Explore other ways to intensify the sensory experience without compromising safety. This may include the use of blindfolds, tactile stimulation, or temperature play.

Safety Word:

The safety word is crucial in any sexual play, but it is especially important in Breath Play because of the risks associated with breathing restriction. Choose a clear word or signal that is easy to remember and can immediately signal that you need to stop the activity. If you are unable to speak, agree on a physical signal, such as moving a hand or releasing an object.

Breath Play Risks


Erotic asphyxiation involves restricting the flow of oxygen to the brain, which can result in loss of consciousness and even death if performed incorrectly.

Physical Injury:

Excessive application of pressure to the neck or trachea can result in serious injury, such as bruising, blood vessel damage, neck bone fractures, or accidental choking.

Neurological Damage:

Lack of oxygen can cause permanent brain damage or even death due to long-term oxygen deprivation.

Safe Alternative Practices:

Breath Play with Props:

Props such as scarves, silk ties or Velcro handcuffs can be used to experience a sense of restraint without the risk associated with direct asphyxiation. Always make sure there is a quick and easy way to release your partner in an emergency.

Breathing Control through Domination:

The dominant can control the partner's breathing by dictating the rate and depth of breathing during sexual play. This can be accomplished through verbal or physical commands.

Sensation Play:

Experiment with other ways to intensify the sensory experience, such as applying ice or heat to different parts of the body, to increase arousal without risk of asphyxiation.

Safety Word and Constant Monitoring:

The safety word is essential in any Breath Play activity. In addition, it is critical to constantly monitor your partner's physical and emotional cues for any signs of discomfort or discomfort.

Training and Education:

Before participating in any form of Breath Play, make sure you are well informed about the risks and safe practices. Consider receiving training from a BDSM professional or participating in workshops on role play safety.

Breath Play can be an intensely erotic experience for those who enjoy the feeling of submission or domination associated with breathing restriction. However, it is critical to approach this fetish with caution and responsibility to avoid serious injury or even death. Always prioritize safety, consent, and open and honest communication with your partner for a safe and satisfying sexual experience.

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